La Villa, The Maestro’s Take

The doc beat me to it yet again this week, posting his upbeat, deep, pie-analysis. Which I normally wouldn’t care about, but you see, cari lettori, La Villa is, hands down, my favorite pizzeria in Chicago. It filled the rhombus-shaped hole in my heart that Gioacchino’s previously filled during my childhood.

When I first moved back to Chicago in 2003, my then-girlfriend and I ate a lot of pizza. We ordered from wherever we could find. I know we did a Papa John’s and a couple of other local chains. I can’t even remember the first night when we ordered from La Villa, but once we did it was futile to eat anywhere else. Every 20 times you get a pizza at La Villa, you accrue enough coupons to get a free pizza. I’ve probably gotten 10 free pizzas over the years, and a quick count shows that I currently have enough coupons to get 1 1/2 pizzas:


I cannot overstate enough just how much I love La Villa.

The doc has already given you the really juicy, detailed information. Let me tell you from my heart and soul, in two reasons, why I love this pizza above all other pizzas:

  1. It is the perfect combination of “Chicago-style” pizza and regular pizza. It’s thicker than your average N.Y. style pizza, but not as thick as deep dish. So whatever toppings are on the pizza are actually in the pizza. But just under the surface. Under the delicious cheese. Which brings me to:
  2. The cheese is freaking delightful. Lots of it. No need to order “extra-cheese” (although, I believe one could). I’d say most of the pizza is cheese. In fact, there’s so much cheese, that I can’t really bring to mind what the crust tastes like. The crust is simply the canvas. The cheese is the Bob Ross masterpiece.

Now, this is not to knock the sauce (which is used in many of their other fantastic dishes like their baked mostaccioli, and chicken parm), or the crust (see above). It’s really about the density of the pizza. Which also lends itself beautifully to being cut in little squares (the correct way to cut pizza), and not so much to the Italian-style folding of pizza.

I don’t want to wax too rhapsodic about this pizza, because I know we have miles of other pies to taste in our journey, but so far, this is still my favorite. And I invite you to love this pizza. LOVE IT!


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