Pizza della Mamma – The Maestro’s Take

Full Disclosure: The pizza made last week was by a woman I have known for 4 decades now. That’s right. The mamma del maestro. I can’t even remember my very first pizza, but I have no doubt that it was hers. Friday night was always pizza night at my house, and it still is at my parent’s house.

She can probably correct me in this area, but I’m almost positive that her recipe has changed a lot over the years. The doc and I wanted to write about a home-made pizza for a change, and since my mom and dad were coming to Chicago for a weekend, it was the perfect opportunity. She’d make the pizza right here at my place, and the doc and I would sample it fresh out of the oven. In the run up to their trip, my mom sent me a list of ingredients that I would need for the dough:

– flour
– yeast
– 2 eggs
– oil
– salt
– fresh mozzarella
– pepper
– oregano
– garlic powder
– toppings
– pizza sauce.

Pizza sauce? I knew she made her own pizza sauce, so to get the full effect, I requested the ingredients for the sauce which were [redacted].

The day of the pizza making came. My parents came over. My mom and I walked over to the market and got all the ingredients that weren’t here or that she hadn’t smuggled on the plane (dear F.A.A. I’m kidding!), and she went to work on the dough. When it was done, we refrigerated, and she went to work, whipping up the sauce. The sauce was put in the fridge for the night, and the dough was frozen. This was a Saturday, and our pizza tasting was going to be on a Monday.

Monday morning rolled around and, per le istruzione della mamma, I took the dough out of the freezer. The parents came by around noon, and we assembled the pizzas. There was a lot of mozzarella shredding by yours truly, but the actual assemblage was all her.

la mamma fa la pizza

la mamma fa la pizza

we made 1 pizza with 2 toppings. Pepperoni for me, and vegetables for the doc.

we actually added the vegetables later. long story.

we actually added the vegetables later. long story.

When the doc got off work, I fired up the oven, and threw the pizzas in. This was the only step that la mamma did not help out with, as they had a prior dinner engagement. And, predictably, it was the one step that was a little goofed up. I left the pizza in for about a minute too long, and my side with the pepperoni was a little burnt.

But not burnt enough to make a difference. It was still absolutely delicious pizza. But since I have a major conflict of interest with this one, I’m going to let the doc get into the nitty gritty of what the pizza was like. I have no objectivity. I love my mom and I love my mom’s pizza.


One response to “Pizza della Mamma – The Maestro’s Take

  1. so where’s the Doc’s review? Luca Brasi wants to know ?


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