Villa Rosa Pizza – GUEST BLOGGER! Leon Grossman

Meet this week’s guest blogger, long time friend Leon Grossman


Leon was an extra on the set of “A Clockwork Orange”

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My long-time friend the Maestro invited me to a healthy round of Go-Kart racing last week. The unspoken sentiment on his part was “I will crush you” (he did) and mine was “Not if I crush you first” (I didn’t). I was all in for the racing and received the text that we’re meeting for dinner first at Villa Rosa Pizza.

Up until I arrived, I had no idea that the diabolical plot was to crush me at racing AND con me into reviewing pizza. In fact, up until a couple of hours ago, I thought he was joking about the whole part where I have to write a review of my own.

Our pizza joint of the night was… generic. Not good generic in the sense of my childhood pizza joint with the Galaga and Ms. Pac Man machines in the corner that I spent many hours playing while waiting for pizza. It was much more generic in the sense that the Christmas wrapping covering the, presumably generic, artwork on the walls would have sent me into a bored seasonal catatonia if I wasn’t enjoying the companionship of Maestro, Doc and associates while plotting the demise of the Maestro on the race track. One plus side was that we got to watch two female animated animals reinforce toxic gender stereotypes before realizing that friendship was more important than winning on a wall mounted flat screen.

The generic decor led to a passably acceptable pepperoni and sausage pizza. The crust, cheese and meat was just about right with the thickness and texture almost perfect. It could, however, have used some actual tomato sauce in the pizza. Several days later, I’m struggling to remember any actual flavor of sauce on the pizza at all. So, I’m left with a week old impression of generic thin-ish crust pizza of acceptableness.

The big problem of the night came out when it came time to pay our check. By the time we gave up trying to get our server to allow us to pay the check with a mix of credit cards and cash before. I was literally bouncing out of my seat (I’m going to crush you Maestro!) ready to race by the time the bill was paid 30 minutes later.

Next time, Maestro, I will crush you.


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