Villa Rosa Pizza – The Maestro’s Take

While my best friend watches The Force Awakens tonight (I’m awaiting my wife’s upcoming birthday to see it. MAJOR husband points for this one), I will console myself, dear readers, with updating our blog and write to you of last week’s pizza outing, and gokarting. All three of our readers will remember that before x-mas, the Doc and I tried to eat at Villa Rosa which was under construction, but ended up at the delightfully surprising “Postiano’s.”

Why we would travel that far south for pizza is simply because it’s near our new home: the Chicago Race Factory. But this past week, Villa Rosa had completed their renovations and we were able to make it out. We had quite a large group, consisting of me, my wife, my guest blogger Leon, his girlfriend, the Doc, and another friend who was supposed to be a guest blogger, but he ordered a freaking Italian beef sandwich, and that pretty much took him off the list.

So, Villa Rosa did in fact look newly renovated. You could’ve eaten off the floor, it was so clean. There was a festive xmas tree, and they were playing family friendly movies on a big flat screen T.V., and we put two tables together and proceeded to order our food. The Doc went with his Endor special, and Leon and I split a pizza with pepperoni and sausage.

The pizza for me was really reminiscent of La Villa (my favorite pizzeria), with one big exception: it was under-salted. So the pizza was thin crust, but it had just enough on the inside to make the cheese bulge. As big a thin crust as you can get before it’s a thick crust. I don’t want to knock the pizza, because it is pizza, and is, by definition, good. I would go back. In fact, since there is a paucity of pizza restaurants in the area, the Doc and I might not have a choice in the future. And when I do go back I will definitely ask for more salt.

And I think I might also try the Margherita, which my wife liked. “Everything was fresh on it.” she’s saying to me right now. As we sit here at home. Not watching Star Wars.

ANYWAY! The go-karting was good, mainly because I not only broke my best time, but broke into the top 30 OF ALL TIME! (I’m currently # 16). And even more importantly, I’m consistently getting 25 second laps (down from 27 and then 26 [the best time of all time is like 24.3, and the other best times are around 24.8 and up (i.e. the best best time is a FULL HALF SECOND faster than everyone else)])

Our friend Leon, who did amazingly well the last time he came with us to the place, did pretty damn good this time too. Our other friend, J (he of the Italian sub betrayal) crashed so hard into one of the walls that he managed to wedge his kart under the wall. It took two of the guys who worked there to get him out.

But a good time was had by all (except my wife and Leon’s girlfriend, both who left and went and had a good time on their own), as you can see in a stunning video thaaaaaaat I can’t download, because the file type is not supported. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately (?) I left my keys at the gokart place, and so while we were there late enough to close the place, the Doc and I were back at 10:30 the next morning. Strictly to get my keys, mind you. Just because we got in 5 more races (and discovered some important karting truths that we will go into at a later time), doesn’t mean that I left the keys there on purpose.

Not consciously, anyway.




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