Pete’s # 2, The Maestro’s Take

This last week the Doc and I tackled Pete’s # 2 Chicago. Presumably at some point there was a Pete’s # 1, or just simply a Pete’s (and come to think of it, I did grow up eating at Jim & Pete’s near Melrose Park, so we’ll have to tackle that), but it was listed in some list of top 10 pizza places in Chicago, so we decided to try it out. It’s also wicked close to my neighborhood (more on that below).

One of the difficult things about doing the pizza blog on Friday is that we almost always run into rush hour traffic. Things were made exponentially worse last Friday because there was a wind storm (event?) that blew out power to a lot of the city. Driving down Montrose, what should’ve been a 10 minute drive took over 30 (THIRTY MINUTES!). And all of the power on the North side of the street between say Koestner and Central was out. I was pretty convinced that we weren’t gonna get our pizza, because for some reason in my head, the place was on the North side of the street, but just past Central, power was restored to all side of the street, and as I pulled up to Pete’s # 2, I realized it was on the South side of the street. So, all that worry for nothing!

The Doc is usually a few minutes late on a good day. This day he was about an hour late. But I couldn’t be mad at him, because it really was an insane wind storm (tempest?). He had a buddy with him, who, for the purposes of this review will be excluded because he had a sandwich (a sandwich!).

Anyway, we did the usual, I got the meat, he got the vegetation. I was happy to see that the pizza was cut in squares. That usually bodes well. Almost all of my favorite pizza from childhood til now (Gioacchino’s to La Villa) is cut that way. So it should come as no surprise that as our server was depositing the pizza on our table, the Doc pointed out that it looked like Gioacchino’s. Not only did it look like that. It smelled like that, and, most importantly, it tasted like that.

We’ve ingested lots of pizza since our first outing way back in August, but this did seem like a nice middle ground between Giocchino’s and La Villa. Same style of thin crust, but lots of cheese and trapping all the meat within the pizza. It’s really the best of both worlds, because I just do not care for the pizza soup that is deep dish, and I’m not a fan of NY style thin crust.

I don’t really have much to say about the pizza, per se. It was good, and I would go back again. It was a stressful day getting anywhere in the city, and I was just glad to be sharing pizza with my buddy, and to spend an evening gokarting. Our last evening of gokarting before he was banned FOR LIFE from Chicago Race Factory. More on that next week (CLIFFHANGER!)


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