Guest Pizza Blogger – Jane Sawyer

I have been trying to get the creators of this blog to visit Medici for a while, because I know it’s the best pizza in the city and possibly the galaxy, and I was so excited to get to come along for this pizza club meeting.

Medici is right by the University of Chicago and mostly the people who work there are current students or people who have been one credit away from a philosophy degree for like eight years but who just don’t feel like leaving. The walls are brick and the tables are soft thick wood, and both are covered in graffiti. I even WROTE some of the graffiti, in fact we were sitting next to a booth that is technically the property of myself and my best friends from high school. Anyway it is dark inside and you can imagine how it smelled when they had a smoking and non-smoking section in the same room, which I can kind of remember, and I do miss! But they got rid of smoking inside at the same time they got rid of the chocolate chocolate-chip shake, and I am very sad about both of those things.

When they still served that kind of milkshake and allowed smoking, they would bring you the shake in a big glass with a long straw and homemade whipped cream. They still do that part, but now they don’t bring the big metal cup with all the EXTRA milkshake and all of the chocolate chips at the bottom. You would have to use the straw to get the chocolate chips out, and it seemed bottomless, there were always more chocolate chips to be found if you didn’t give up looking. Basically I’m saying it was a simpler time!

Anyway, now when I go to a restaurant I have two goals. First, I need to endear myself to the waiters. Second, I need to find the most efficient ‘cheese to my mouth’ delivery system. Medici is a wonderful place that allows me to do both of these things and it is also a block away from where I grew up! (As such it’s the first place I ever learned the art of eating my feelings but that is maybe a story for another time, another blog, a blog that Maybe would be called Divine Secrets of the Pizza Sisterhood?)

I am intimidated by the servers at Medici and I really want them to like me, they way a person needs her older siblings’ friends to like her. This might not be a universal need, it might just be because MY older sister worked there for a while. I got to wear her work shirts to school when she didn’t need them, they said funny(?) things like ‘Challah Back’ and ‘Obama Eats Here’ and I just wanted to be worthy of the shirts.

I thought the coolest thing ever would be to someday work at the Medici like her and make fun of the way my customers ordered and how my busboy left all the side work for me, etc. It seemed like the ultimate Adult Job to have, I wanted to be busy and efficient and drink gin and juice after my shift with my co-workers. But I never got to work there, so I just settle for eating there as much as possible. And I always like to get the pizza!

I always get thin crust pepperoni OR spinach goat cheese, and that is what I recommended to the group, and I do not think I steered people wrong!

The crust on the thin crust pizza is soft and I think that is the way it should be, and there is so much cheese on there that it’s heavy in your hand in a very nice and comforting way. Maybe I should not be looking for comfort in a slice of pizza, but I do FIND it there, so leave me alone please, ok?

The best thing is to have the pizza with a Mexicana milkshake. (A Mexicana shake is kind of like a vanilla malt with cinnamon, but it tastes better than anything you can imagine.) This is a controversial topic, and I have been attacked in the pizza press for the way I like to combine pizza and milkshakes. Yes, I have been known to dip the corner of a piece of pizza into a shake. I don’t think this makes me a savage. Some people would even describe me as brave. Not everyone is willing to think outside the box like me, so nobody else tried it. I have faith that the doubters are on the wrong side of history.

This was the second time I tried to get the Maestro to like Medici pizza, and it worked out a little better this time I THINK. The first time he tried it he took one look at it and he was like “aww, it thinks it’s pizza!” Of course that broke my heart and the words still ring in my ears like a curse, so I’ve been trying to get Medici another shot ever since.

This time I hope the pizza represented itself better to the Maestro and Doc and Kris, I am hopeful that it did and VERY happy I got to tag along to one of my favorite places in the world!

jane 2

Jane is a pizza enthusiast, a dancer and an art school asshole. Most of her pizza activity happens in Hyde Park at the Medici, and with all due respect she maintains that it is the best in the Chicago. She’s a first time contributor and long time fan of the blog and relies on it as her paper of record. In general, Jane considers herself #blessed but especially when she gets to tag along on pizza outings.


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