Santullo’s Eatery – The Maestro’s Take. Office Pizza

Last week the Doc, the Mrs, and I took on Santullo’s Eatery in Wicker park.
I know as of late I’ve waxed poetic on everything BUT the pizza, but this week I broke my “only 1 pizza a week” rule w the Doc, so I’m going to to attempt to talk about the pizza.

Wicker Park is pretty close to my house on the blue line, so it was easy for me and the Mrs to get there. There is lots of good pizza in that area. Within a 3 block radius you have Peace Pizza (which will definitely be reviewed) and Dimo’s (where we’re going this afternoon). Santullo’s had been popping up on various lists, so we decided to try it.

While they do make full pies, they are known for their gigantic slices. I got a pepperoni slice and a cheese slice. Truth be told, I could’ve just had one slice and it would’ve been absolutely filling. I had more success than the Mrs. She got adventurous and tried some B.B.Q. thing that, in theory looked delicious, but was stale and hard as a leather bound book.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t just eat one pizza that week. The Doc came over on Tuesday Monday and Tuesday nights and we did a marathon session of watching “The Office,” Season 2.

The Doc and I both love “the Office” (American version. Not the British version. I’m not going to get into it. There is no discussion) almost as much as we love pizza. We differ in that he isn’t such a fan of the later seasons, and I love every episode. He isn’t such a fan of Pam and Jim, and I am absolutely in love with both Pam and Jim. In fact, that’s why I chose season 2. Because, for my money, MAYBE with the exception of Season 3, Season 2 is where the Jim and Pam relationship is the most heartbreaking. I even tear up a little bit right now, recalling the final episode, Casino Night, where Jim finally says what we’ve been screaming for him to say for two seasons:


Everything about this moment is amazing. Jim’s sincerity, Pam’s understandable anger, and the fact that everything falls apart after that, and it takes the better part of a season before everything is set right.

But Pizza! Yes, The Doc and I watched 2 consecutive nights of the Office and ordered a pizza both nights. I ordered from La Villa the first night, which was a true marathon. I think we saw 18 episodes? and then on the 2nd night when we were still pizza drunk, the Doc brought over a small Pizza Hut pizza with some chocolate insanity desert (it was wonderfully disgusting) and we watched the last 4 episodes.

Yes, it was a three pizza week. OOF!

While I love Pam and Jim to infinity, the conversation always seemed to come back to Michael Scott. The Doc pointed out that Michael never mentions his father. I’m going to take the Doc’s word on this, since he’s seen every episode numerous times, and has a frightening ability to not only quote lines, but to quote facial tics and physical gestures. But all of Michael’s problems seem to stem from the fact that he is emotionally stunted and is in a constant quest to get people to love him.

His desperation is palpable, but it’s never more sad and kind of amazing than when he orders pizza for the whole office. That always seems to work. However horrible the day has been at Dunder Mifflin, no matter how many company policies Michael (or Dwight [or Creed]) have broken that day, no matter how much animosity there is between the office and the warehouse, every time Michael gets pizza, it seems to make everyone a little bit happier, if not a little more filled with carby self-loathing.

As Michael says in all his painful earnestness: “Pizza is the great equalizer. Rich people like pizza, poor people like pizza, white people like pizza, black people like pizza. Wait, do black people like pizza?”

Thinking about the sheer amount of pizza discussion and eating on “The Office,” I can’t see this blog not returning to that show again and again.

I realize that I said next to nothing about Santullo’s. It was good though. I promise I’m going to take notes today.


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