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I know I always say that I’m going to talk about the pizza, and then after a huge long rant about me me me, I say almost nothing about the pizza.  So I’ll start with the pizza.

Lots of people I know have talked about Dimo’s pizza. I first heard about it from Matthan Ring Black  who was one of our apprentice artists in 2014, and who runs the Chicago Doing the work podcast. He is also an aficionado of pizza, and we need to get him out on a pizza trip some day (call me, Matthan).

There are 2 locations of Dimo’s Pizza, one in Wrigleyville, the other near the not-original Six Corners (for those of you not from Chicago, the original Six Corners is where Milwaukee, Irving Park, and Cicero meet up. There’s pretty much a Sears there now. Oh, and the Portage Theater, sister theater to Chicago’s greatest theater, The Patio [more on the Patio at a later date]. The impostor Six Corners is where North, Damen, and Milwaukee meet up. Granted, the impostor Six Corners has Pizza places coming out of the wazoo, plus Flash Taco, plus an El stop, plus Stan’s Donuts, and amazing Karaoke. Ug. Ok. It’s the cooler one, but it’s not the original one!)

Last Friday it was me, the Doc, my friend Matthew Curran (see other post), and another Very Important Opera Person (V.I.O.P.) who shall remain nameless.

They were out in the burbs, and we decided to all meet at the Wrigleyville location.

Terrible idea. It was a game day. But! I have a scooter and traffic is never a problem. The Doc got there before I did and noted that the Wrigleyville location was closed, even though we clearly saw people in there. We called them, and they said they were open and that someone would open the door. 5 minutes later nobody had opened the door. The Doc gestured to the people inside and they begrudgingly came over and said that they wouldn’t be open for a few more hours (when the game started I guess?).

Change of plans. I texted Matt and V.I.P. and we re-routed everyone to the faux Six Corners location.

The location is pretty primo. About 2 blocks off the Damen blue line stop. And the space itself is big. They have whole pies, but they specialize in gigantic slices. I purposefully had not eaten breakfast that morning so in order to load up on as much pizza as humanly possible. I started out with four slices:

BBQ ChickenBaconCheddarRanch

The BBQ Chicken was strangely enough kind of a white pizza (if you don’t count the BBQ sauce) which I was a little suspicious of. But the dryness of the chicken was made up for by the wonderful drizzle of BBQ sauce (The site has it listed as a BBQ sauce base, but it really felt more like a drizzle). I really did not think I would like the ranch, but it was absorbed by the other dairy ingredients of wonderful mozzarella cheese, and surprisingly light cheddar. As I said the chicken itself was a little dry, but definitely tasty. Since it was the most adventurous slice (for me), I started with it, and I can easily say that I would happily do it again.

The Margherita was everything you want in a Margherita. Thick, healthy dollops of tomato sauce, with delicious little islands of mozzarella and basil strategically floating around on and sticking to the very thin crust in a way that almost defied physics. This was a true Margherita, not just a “cheese pizza.”

The Pepperoni was basically just a cheese pizza (much more cheese) with Pepperoni, and was good as a final slice.

But since I had mistakenly paid for 4 slices I decided to get a plain cheese to complete the carb and dairy coma.

It was absolutely delicious.

There I’ve talked about the pizza. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go. But don’t go to the Wrigleyville location, especially during a game day.

And it was especially nice to be with Matt and V.I.O.P.. V.I.O,P. and I have never worked together, but Matt and I go back. Way back. Way way back to 2005 when we both did a gig in New Jersey. Matt is simply put one of the funniest guys in opera. There isn’t a room of people that he can’t charm. He’s kind of like the Seth Rogen of opera. We did a gig in 2005 that did not end well for me, but we became friends, at least on Facebook, and then the 2008 elections rolled around and I began a type of purity purge, deleting people who were to the right of Fidel Castro, and somehow or other Matt got booted. I don’t really remember why.

I don’t in fact know much about Matt’s politics. I believe he’s more centrist than I am, but that’s about it. So when we worked together again in 2014, I was afraid that it would be a little awkward since we were friends, and then I unfriended him, and was this going to be awkward, and omg, what am I going to do?

Needless to say, Matt was a total pro. and we’ve become good friends since then. In fact, whatever his political views, he has, for me, become the face of Obamacare. There are billboards of him in NJ of him and his Health Care Insurance Marketplace Testimonial. I cannot find examples of this online, and Matt will not send me any. I’m still searching though.

But this kind of feeds into the weird situation that I find myself in, where my best buddy, the Doc, is considerably to the right of me on most things political. He calls himself a Ron Swanson Libertarian.


8 years ago this would’ve been unthinkable. I’m not sure that I’ve really developed my thinking, because I still bristle at political differences. I’ve already unfriended several people this election cycle, and strangely the people I’ve had to distance myself from share political views with me on about 99% of the issues.

I keep thinking there are so many many more months to go before this horrible election is over, and already I can’t stand it. After the Zodiac Killer left the field of candidates everything got much worse. Up until a few days ago the internecine war on my side was unbearable.

I’m sure I’ll refriend everyone after November, but that is so far off, and it’s already so toxic. I’m told that it was the same way in 2008. Maybe.

Maybe we’ll invite everyone I’ve unfriended this year to be a guest-blogger after November.




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