Pizza Art Cafe

Not to be confused with Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe

This was absolutely one of the best places we’ve visited so far. The crust wasn’t the typical kind of crust that I love: hard, salty, a little burnt. It weirdly had more in common with a type of cheesy-bread crust that one expects at Chuck E. Cheese. Now, I realize that this sounds very backhanded, but I’m being serious that this was excellent pizza. Very much like  Medici’s, but for whatever reason I liked it better. It was probably the cheese. Even though the crust had a quasi cheesy-bread quality to it, the texture of the actual cheese wasn’t too thick and gummy, so the pizza didn’t have this illusion of over-cheesing it. If that makes any sense.

Their website boasts of “Roman/Napolitan [sic] thin crust pizzas.” This certainly wasn’t like any pizza I’ve ever had in Rome or Naples, but again, a solid pie. I ordered the pepperoni. The size was perfect for one person. Usually my favorite pizza makes me feel sick after, and I ate a decent sized salad, and this entire pizza and still had room for candy at the movies after.

The pepperoni was thick, liberal, and delicious. Overall the quality of the ingredients seemed more than a couple steps above what we’ve been experiencing. I’m noticing that maybe the reason I like heavily salted pizza so much is that it masks what is sometimes not all that great source material.

Don’t get me wrong, this was salty pizza, but I didn’t go through gallons of water throughout the dinner. It was all just right.

The neighborhood surrounding this pizzeria is almost comically suburban. You would have no idea you were living in a major city. Blago’s house is just a few blocks away. Lots of trees. Like really, almost New England-level amount of trees. Parks. Kids running around, etc. The only clue that you’re in a city is the Rockwell El stop that screams through this idyllic paradise every 10-15 minutes. Parking is nuts, but not when you’re on 2 wheels. All in all a very tranquil residential neighborhood, peppered with a little center of locally owned businesses. I want to give a shout out to Beans & Bagels neighborhood coffee shop just a couple doors down. They have a unique collection of family friendly dinosaur VHS tapes, and one of the best barristas in the city.

No rambling navel-gazing drivel today.


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