Kickin’ back at the Maestro’s place with Chicago’s Pizza.

The Doc here.

So, the Maestro is in Delaware, as he usually is this time of year, conducting an opera that I cannot pronounce, which I usually cannot at this time of year. And last night, because I am a Good Best Friend, I dropped by his Chicago condo in order to water the plants and make sure that things were otherwise as he’d left them, i.e., no one had touched the massive collection of CD’s and VHS tapes that he keeps in his living room.

While I was over at his place performing these important tasks, I also ordered a pizza. Chicago’s Pizza is a local chain that is fairly popular, and known primarily for its deep dish. I’d normally have gotten the deep dish, insofar as I’ll generally take any opportunity I have to order a deep dish pizza, but last night I felt like playing against type. I got a thin crust pizza with mushrooms and goat cheese, as well as some fried veggie appetizers.

The pizza was…okay. Goat cheese is always something that makes pizza, or pretty much food in general, taste better. And mushrooms, my default topping on most pizzas, are only ever bad if they cross over into “kinda slimy” territory, which these mushrooms did not.

The crust, however…I don’t know what to tell you about this crust.

I’d ordered thin crust. What I’m looking for in my thin crust pizza is usually kind of a cracker-like consistency. If I’m ordering thin crust pizza, I want it to crunch. I want each bite to be a self-contained, easily chompable bite of crunchy goodness. Chicago’s “thin crust” pizza was…well, I mean, it certainly wasn’t, like, thick crust. Like, it wasn’t pan pizza, by any means. But it was…kinda tough. Chewy, Doughy.

It wasn’t terrible. I mean, I have no complaints about what this pizza was. But, if I’m being honest, I have some qualms about what this pizza was not– notably, the toppings-on-a-cracker thing I prefer in my thin crust pizzas.

The fried veggies were okay, pretty standard. Though I did order this broccoli-and-cheddar bites thing that was surprisingly awesome. Imagine a fried nugget of broccoli and molten cheddar cheese, and the cheese kind of exploding in melty goodness when you bite into it. I’d not have thought of this as an appetizer, and I’d ordered it because the description on the GrubHub menu had intrigued me. I was not disappointed.

This is what you get when the Doc is your best friend: he will, in the course of checking on your condo when you’re out of town, kick back and eat pizza while watching the new Louis CK stand up special. And you will thank him for the privilege, because, c’mon– he’s the Doc.

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